Why Social Media Posts Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Laure Justice

While fact-based articles are vital parts of a successful content marketing strategy, social media posts also play an important role in an effective digital marketing strategy.

Social media embraces the human element and creates a sense of connection for people in an increasingly disconnected world.

Laure Justice
Social media posts
Why you need great social media posts for your content marketing strategy

The Role of Social Media Posts in a Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy revolves around the articles you post on your website and articles you guest-post on other websites. For the content to be useful, search engines have to catalog it and rank it highly enough that people find it when using the search engines.

With content marketing, people have to find your website and come to you. With social media posts, you’re going where your potential customers hang out online and inviting them to visit your website or blog. This may be to get information, receive a free gift, or to buy something that fills a need they have.

Laure Justice

When your website is new – or struggling after a search engine algorithm change – which happens a lot – carefully prepared social media posts offer an incredible opportunity for you to put your message in front of interested customers and encourage them to interact with your website.

The Difference Between Content marketing and Social Media Marketing

While I already touched on this above, content marketing is preparing content to share on your own internet properties or space you ‘rent out’ such as a guest post on another website or blog. Social media marketing is when you prepare and share content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

When you combine these two forms of digital marketing, content and social, it gives your product or service the potential to be viewed – and hopefully purchased – by far more people.

Laure Justice

Website or blog content and social media posts are ways to promote your business without paying for ad space, though you can always still buy ad space if it fits your business needs.

Types of Social Media Posts to Consider

Social media sites dictate the types of content you’re able to share on them, though there are some trends to consider. For example, live video is ranking well (as of 2019) on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

  • Twitter: Brevity is key on Twitter. For a standard Tweet, you get 140 characters to deliver your message. Tweeting video or an image adds interest to your Tweets, but it all boils down to being able to express an idea and share a link back to your website or blog in a few words or #hashtags.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a social media site that’s ‘on fire’ right now due to its ease of community building and posting options. Create visual images that capture the attention of fellow users and add your message in the caption. Instagram also allows users to upload short videos, go live for longer videos or participate in IGTV.
  • Facebook: Facebook groups and pages offer options for uploading images, recorded or live video, sharing short, ‘snackable’ pieces of text and links or long form content.
  • So many others! These are just three of the many popular social media sites to consider when building a social media marketing strategy to complement your content marketing efforts.

The key to a successful social media posting strategy, for a business, is understanding the ‘mood’ of the social site and knowing how to prepare content in a format that speaks to the users on a given social media website.

Ready to Begin Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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