Tips for Choosing a Copywriter

By Laure Justice

Have you ever needed website copy but didn’t really know what to skills or abilities to look for in a copywriter? When you’re looking for a copywriter, whether you choose to hire me or look elsewhere to find a writer, there’s more to consider than just the writer’s ability to string words together to make some sentences.

Copywriter at Work
Copywriter at Work image courtesy of RawPixel and Pixabay

The ability to write well should always be one of your top considerations, of course, but these other factors are important for getting the type of expertly written copy you need for your business.

Does This Copywriter Have Industry Knowledge?

If the copywriter you’re considering doesn’t have knowledge specific to your industry, it’s likely to show in the written text. However, for most types of copywriting, the writer doesn’t have to be an industry expert, but it is absolutely necessary that she be willing to research and learn about your industry.

Whether you need website copy or printed materials for your business, choosing a writer with the ability to properly use terminology that’s part of your industry adds value to the written work you receive.

Is This Copywriter a Storyteller?

Telling a story that engages the reader is at the heart of all good copywriting. When you’re looking at a copywriter’s portfolio, look for examples of the writer telling a story about a problem and then offering a solution to that problem by introducing a product or service.

Using this article as an example of effectively using a storytelling format for copy:

  • The problem introduced in the opening paragraph is not knowing what skills and abilities to look for in a copywriter.
  • The body of this post goes on to explain things to look for when hiring a copywriter.
  • The post then concludes (or will) with a solution to the problem of finding a copywriter – hiring me to write copy for your website or printed marketing materials.

    Does the Copywriter Have SEO Copywriting Skills?

    If the written material you need is going to be published online, choosing a copywriter who understands search engine optimization is vital. Search engine optimization starts with keyword research, but there’s a lot more to it than just choosing great keywords.

    In addition to keyword research, the writer needs to understand how to insert the keywords in the text to make it reader-friendly while making sure it’s optimized so search engines can find it and catalog it.

    Can You See Their Copywriter Portfolio?

    While one or two articles may be enough to give you an idea of a copywriter’s skill, if you’re dealing with a professional, you should expect to see a portfolio that shares the writer’s body of work. That portfolio may include links to articles if it’s published online, similar to what you find here on my site’s portfolio page.

    The portfolio may also feature articles prepared by the writer so you can see some of their writing work without clicking links to go to other sites, such as the way the blog page and this article are set up here on my site.

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