Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog Page

By Laure Justice

You have a great website and it’s filled with all kinds of facts about your products or services, isn’t that enough? Do you really need a blog page, too?

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Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Adding a blog to your company website provides a way to start a conversation with potential customers and increase your website’s SEO value.

Laure Justice

What Makes a Business Blog Effective?

First, a blog uses a more relaxed, conversational tone than a formal business website, so customers and potential clients feel like you’re talking directly with them.

Blogs are also ideally set up for readability, with short, sometimes single sentence paragraphs, like I’m adding here in this post.

Think of your company’s website as the main course and the blog as the appetizer used to whet a customer’s desire for your product or service.

There’s a good reason to use short paragraphs in blog posts, too. It shows your readers you value their time by making your blog posts scannable and quick to read.

Time Commitments and Blogging

The amount of time involved in blogging can be a deterrent for some business owners, but there are some easy ways to make a blog work even if you have an incredibly busy schedule.

  • Hire out the work to a writer (You could hire me, for example.) who has keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO) and blogging experience.
  • Keep blog posts short if you choose to write them yourself, most internet users prefer short blog posts anyway.
  • Save the long-form content for your detailed product information.
  • Set a blog posting schedule that fits your available time, even if it’s just once a week or every other week.
  • Add a variety of shorter social media posts on the days you don’t have time to prepare full-length posts.

Should Your Blog Be Hosted WithIn Your Company Website or Separately?

If you already have a business website established, the best place to feature your company blog is often on a blog page within the site. This works because your customers are already on your website and it’s easy to navigate to a different page to make a purchase.

Another option is to set up a separate blog page that enhances your branding efforts. For example, think of your core message, and incorporate it into the blog title and each blog post. Just be sure to link back to your company site for clients who want to know more detailed product information.

Blogging aka Content Marketing Is Budget-Friendly Marketing Strategy

When you compare the cost of hosting a blog and engaging ina content marketing strategy to other forms of advertising and business promotion, hosting a blog is typically far more cost-effective.

After your blog posts are written and posted, there’s no ongoing cost other than the cost of hosting your site.

While the decision to host a business blog or not is ultimately up to each business owner, blogs have such incredible value in the business world they really should be part of your online marketing strategy. You’re truly missing a great opportunity if your company doesn’t have one.

Laure Justice

If you would like to discuss your ideas for a blog and posts you would like to feature with a professional from the blogging industry, contact me through the form here on my site or send me an email at laurej@consultant.com.