To give you an idea of some types of writing I’ve done, here are a few links to some of my work:

Lifestyle Articles

Colgate: Coffee Stained Teeth and How to Fix Them

Colgate: Are Your Teeth Bleeding? No, Your Gums Are

Medium: Why the Simple Things Are Worth Noticing

RideNow Powersports: Dressing Warm During Your Winter Ride

RideNow Powersports: Top 10 Scooters of 2019

RideNow Powersports: Top 10 Sport ATVs of 2019

RideNow Powersports: Top 10 Standard Motorcycles of 2019

Career Strategy Articles

Onward Healthcare: Nursing Tips for Educating Patients on Complex Medical Conditions

Onward Healthcare: 6 Tips for Making Your Professional Nurse LinkedIn Profile Shine

Onward Healthcare: What HIPAA Violation Are You Making Regularly as a Nurse?

Onward Healthcare: 4 Ways Nurse Managers and Supervisors Can Make Nurses Week Special

Onward Healthcare: 5 Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Your Next Travel Nursing Location

Travel Nursing: 7 Things That Might Be Hurting Your Nursing Career

Med Travelers: Allied Healthcare Jobs in Virginia

Med Travelers: What Is the Job Outlook for Speech Therapists?

Med Travelers: 5 Online Resources for Physical Therapists

Travel Articles

Travelista: Things to Do in the Carousel District in Mansfield, Ohio

Craft Articles

Our Everyday Life: How to Dye Fabric Using Kool-Aid and Vinegar

Hunker: How to Set Indigo Dye in Fabric

Our Pastimes: How to Thread a Kenmore Serger

DIY Articles

Our Everyday Life: How to Stretch Non-Leather Shoes

Hunker: How to Sew Boat Seats

Our Pastimes: How to Recover RV Cushions

Daily Puppy: How to Paint an Igloo Dog House

Business and Finance Articles

Bankrate: How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Bankrate: New Parents Face These 5 Big Financial Hurdles

Chron: How to Get an Address for Your Business Through UPS

Chron: How to Make Labels for Filing

Digital Marketing

Tips for Choosing a Copywriter

Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog Page

Why Social Media Posts Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy Planning Tips

Automotive Articles

US Auto Sales Car Buyer U: 4 Steps to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

US Auto Sales Car Buyer U: Car Expenses First-Time Car Buyers Need to Know

US Auto Sales Car Buyer U: Upgrade Car Stereo Systems Without Breaking the Bank

Classic Cars Online US: Classic and Cruising 1965 Corvair

It Still Runs: How to Flip Classic Cars

Angie’s List: When it Pays to Spend More on Brake Pads

Angie’s List: How to Troubleshoot 5 Common Car Problems

Some of these writing samples go back to my early days of writing for the internet. I consider it a great compliment that they’re still featured online. (Plus, if they weren’t performing well for the companies that bought them, they would have been taken offline by now.)

Sites I’ve Built and Currently Manage

Intrinsic Vicissitude

Classic Cars Online US

Stitching it Right