About Me

As a professional writer, with three e-books and several thousand unique pieces of content to my credit, I bring a vast amount of writing experience and enthusiasm for a wide range of topics to my work.

If you need written content for your website or blog, I would love to prepare it for you.

I’m a freelance copywriter and content marketer and I specialize in writing for websites.

My Copywriting and Blogging Background

I began my online writing career in 2008, and have embraced a philosophy that includes a focus on the importance of writing content that appeals to readers above all else – while maintaining best SEO practices.

With a widely varied set of interests, I frequently write about cars and trucks, personal finance, pets, crafts, home care, business issues, remodeling, and health issues.

My Approach to Copywriting and Blogging

I approach each assignment by determining what the client (you, if you choose to hire me) wants. I then perform in-depth keyword research to determine what potential customers want to know, and then finally, I prepare content that answers the questions customers are asking.

My Story

The written word was one of my first loves and continues to be today.

I’ve worked in numerous fields, including healthcare, food service, retail, office management, digital publishing, and upholstery – just to list a few. I apply my insider knowledge of various industries to my writing work whenever it benefits my clients.

My college education was in the field of business administration, accounting, transportation, and international trade. I didn’t let my education end with getting a college degree, though, because the internet changes at the speed of light. So, I frequently update my skills by taking courses for topics like SEO, videography, and UX design.

I’ve written content for hundreds of companies, and each one has been part of an amazing journey. I would love to make preparing content for your website or blog part of the journey, if you’re interested in learning what my research skills and words can do for your site.

Meet the Team

To be fair, the team is just me. I do, however, have a team of trusted writing professionals I call on occasionally when I’m working on a large project – to ensure deadlines are met without sacrificing quality.

I absolutely hate having my picture taken, but I’ll try to get a better picture posted here soon – instead of this awkward selfie.

Next Steps…

Contact me via the online contact form or by email at laurej@consultant.com and I’ll get back with you as quickly as possible.


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