I’m Laure Justice, and I’m a professional, experienced internet writer. I’ve been working as a professional writer, preparing content for websites since 2008.

I’ve prepared various types of content for major websites, and if you would like to know how I can apply the techniques used to attract visitors to major websites to content featured on your website, contact me via email at LaureJ@consultant.com.

Information about some of the professional writing services I provide:

SEO Research

SEO Research From Laure Justice Copywriting and Blogging Service
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SEO Research may seem complex and confusing because it involves more than just finding keywords to use in your articles. It’s partially data science, partially psychology, and partially the effective use of terminology – and that three-part approach applies to almost every industry.

I’ve applied my SEO skills and training when writing articles for major companies, such as BankRate and Colgate, and I would be thrilled to use my SEO research skills to help you optimize your website or blog, too. Click the icon below and fill out the contact form here on my website.

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Copywriting from Laure Justice Copywriting and Blogging Service
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Effective copywriting tells a story about your product or service, and it involves more than just a thorough understanding of what you’re selling. To write copy that converts, you need to know not only about your product or service, you need to understand and speak to what motivates your customers.

If you’re ready to take your business copy to the next level, contact me to discuss how I can help. The Learn More link below takes you to the contact form where you can put your information and questions. Then, just click Submit and I’ll get back with you as quickly as possible.

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Blog Writing

Laure Justice Copywriting and Blogging Service Blog
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Featuring a blog on your business website provides a direct line of communication between you and your clients. The ideal blog writing style is friendly, and a blog is a great place to get away from the technical terms that may land in business copy, like product descriptions and white papers.

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I have extensive experience writing blog posts and would love to help you build your own successful blog. Whether you need help with keyword research, light coding to optimize your blog for better search engine results, or you want to buy some articles, just fill out the online contact form and I’ll get back with you right away.

Social Media Content

Social Media Posts from Laure Justice Copywriting and Blogging Service
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Social media is more than just something that’s used for fun. Many businesses are recognizing the value of this relaxed, friendly form of communication with customers.

Using social media to open a dialogue with customers creates opportunities for your business to increase customer satisfaction – which leads to better word of mouth advertising and increased sales.

If you need help with social media posts, like Twitter posts, Facebook messages or Instagram posts, contact me to learn how I can help you add value to your social media efforts.

How Professionally Written Content Can Help Your Site

Writing for the internet requires a special skill set, and it can take years to learn. It isn’t just about writing information that’s useful. Effective internet content needs to be reader-friendly and optimized so search engines can find it.

Plus, effective web-copy writing requires adaptability due to constantly changing search engine algorithms and cultural changes. So, the SEO tactics that worked last year, or even last month, may fall flat today.

Keeping Up With How the Internet Works

The ever-evolving internet world can leave you stuck in the learning process instead of spending your time working at your business. That’s where I come in. To keep up with the changes, I frequently take courses to update my skills and make sure I’m on top of any new changes, so my clients can focus on managing their companies instead of researchign internet trends.

By taking the approach of being a lifetime learner when it comes to writing for the internet, I’m able to provide content that speaks to your customers on a personal level while still delivering SEO results so your website places higher in search engine results.

Servces fom Laure Justice Copywriting and Blogging Service

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